Square Enix Wants to Know What You Want in FFXV


Final Fantasy XV’s May update includes a survey that asks for what DLC you want to see in the future. Along with some other minor features like bug fixes and snapshots added to Hammerhead, Square Enix added a survey to the main screen of the game’s menu that allows players to vote on what they’d like to see in a future DLC. The survey screen tells players that “Items that receive many votes may be included in future updates.”

Square Enix has added four kinds of updates on the list: story content, playable character, additional mode, and upgrade.

Story Content:

These are updates that would add more story to the game.  It is all speculation as of now, because Square Enix only gives the title of the DLC without any added information. They’re as follows:

  • Ardyn’s Past
  • Lunafreya’s Activities
  • Cor’s Activities
  • The Line of Lucis
  • Ifrit’s Betrayal
  • The World of Ruin
  • Noctis’ Disappearance

A lot of these would flesh out the background lore of Final Fantasy XV’s world. For example, Ardyn’s past, The Line of Lucis, and Ifrit’s betrayal are things that we have seen mention of in the cosmology books scattered throughout the game but not in the actual game. Things like Lunafreya’s Activities, Cor’s Activities, The World of Ruin and Noctis’ Disappearance deal more heavily with the present of the Final Fantasy XV story.

Playable Characters:

These are interesting to think about, as we don’t know how these characters will be implemented. Will they follow the guys in the main game? Will they only be playable in a DLC? There isn’t enough information given. These are as follows:

  • Cor
  • Aranea
  • Iris
  • Lunafreya
  • Gentiana

Additional Mode:

There is only one thing listed under this category, which is hard difficulty. Many players, me included, wonder why this wasn’t included in the launch version of the game.


These are enhancements to your abilities that will change the way the game is normally played, either by making it easier or changing an aspect of gameplay.

  • Improved Amiger Abilities
  • New Stat Changing Magic

You can only cast one vote for your favorite between all of the options so choose wisely! To access the survey, you must update the game, and select “Special” from the main menu. It will be up until the end of June 2017.