Snake Pass (Nintendo Switch): Recommended or Nah?


To those of you who live under a rock, Snake Pass was one of the most anticipated indie titles on the Nintendo Switch, because:

1) It’s one of the first palpable Unreal Engine 4 games for the system, and

2) The development team at Sumo Digital discussed how easy it was to port over to the Nintendo Switch taking them just a week to get it ported over prior to further optimization.

This information, of course, left potential Nintendo Switch buyers excited for, not only the experience of having and playing Snake Pass on the Nintendo Switch, but the console’s future in general. It’s no secret that Nintendo has a storied history with developers having issues developing on their platforms, so in a way, Sumo Digital did contribute to spreading some positivity around Nintendo’s newest device therefore putting their game on everyone’s radar.

My rambling aside, let’s go ahead and delve into my thoughts on Snake Pass for Nintendo Switch. Please watch my video review below on SheAttackTV!

Snake Pass in a Nutshell


  • The main character, Noodle, companion Doodle, and all of the other inhabitants of the world use portals to traverse the mountain where they reside. Finding the pink, green, and yellow crystals required to open portals toward completing each stage (unlocking said portals) is important for this reason.
  • Traverse various obstacles, climb bamboo to reach high places, and use your noodle to solve puzzles within each of the 15 levels.
  • Collect gatekeeper coins and orbs (wisps) for completion’s sake.


  • Snake Pass has a beautiful art direction.
  • The main characters standout and have appealing characteristics. I never thought you could make a snake look unique and eye-catching, but Sumo Digital did it. The hummingbird is effing adorable as well.
  • Noodle is very expressive. You can change his facial expressions with the d-pad.
  • I’m very impressed with how detailed the world is although I sometimes felt Noodle’s physics were a bit awkward. Sumo Digital is proving what they’re capable of considering how little time they ported Snake Pass to Switch and having it look this good.
  • The only downside is the lower resolution, it’s supposedly 1200 by 675p with a frame rate of 30fps.


  • Noodle’s physics require a ton of accuracy and do boast a sharp learning curve.
  • The gameplay is slow and running at 30fps doesn’t help the feeling of sluggishness…? Is that a word?
  • The camera sometimes gets in the way of the immersion. It’s often too slow or doesn’t have enough reach require to respond to oncoming obstacles in time.
  • The game punishes you harshly due to it’s scarce checkpoint system. This in combination with the camera issue can be frustrating. Often times I’d lose a ton of progress simply because I was unable to turn my camera fast enough to react to what obstacle was coming next, causing Noodle to fall to his death and me having to start all over again. There were times when I’d just stop playing the game altogether and playing something else to blow off some steam.
  • Gripes aside, the gameplay felt very unique, interesting and fresh. I’ve never played a game like this before and chances are, neither have you.

Snake Pass is currently available to purchase on the Nintendo eShop, the PlayStation Store, the Xbox store, and Steam for $19.99. If you’re interested in my final verdict and whether or not I recommend Snake Pass, I suggest watching the more in-depth video review embedded in this article.

Have you had a chance to give Snake Pass a try on Nintendo Switch or any other platform? Let us know about your experiences below!