Another Castle: Meet 79 Year Old Let’s Player, Shirley Curry


Welcome friends to a special let’s player highlight edition of Another Castle!

I know that I usually focus on video game characters during Another Castle, but I think this woman should be just as celebrated as any character for what she brings to the gaming world. Meet Shirley Curry, or Grandma Shirley, as she calls herself, a 79-year-old grandmother from Virginia with a Let’s Play channel with nearly 115,000 subscribers.

I first read about Shirley on Tumblr, where people were raving about a grandmother Let’s Player who was currently playing through Skyrim. She’s currently sixty-nine episodes deep into Skyrim, where she’s playing as a Khajiit because “they’re more merchants, and that’s what I’d rather be a nomadic, traveling merchant”. According to Shirley, she got tired of playing all of the quests and wanted to focus on what she really enjoys most in the games, which was “traveling across the country, looking in all of the caves, discovering places, fighting, and KILLING things”.

Honestly, everything about Shirley is adorable, she plays exclusively games she wants to play (“No, I will not play Undertale, stop asking!”; “No more Fallout 4, I only like real people/movie type games. Figure it out.”) and how she wants to play them. She spends a lot of time explaining quests to her viewers and enjoys corresponding with fans and learning about games from them. Definitely check out some of her videos, drop in and say hi.

She has her own team that she plays multiplayer with too.

What’s amazing about Shirley Curry is her youthful spirit, energy, and her passion that keeps her doing the things she loves.

Check out her channel at Shirley Curry on YouTube, GamerMom36 on Twitch, and check out her Steam Group GrandmaShirley’sGrandkids!