PSN Suffers DDoS Attack and the Real Hacker Comes Forward


Just a day before Playstation Network’s scheduled maintenance, PSN is down due to a DDoS attack. Originally it was reported that a group called the “Lizard Squad” were responsible for the hacking. However, now it appears that the real culprit is taking responsibility. FamedGod had this to say on twitter:


Sony President of Online Entertainment John Smedley has indeed confirmed PSN is down due to an attack and it is being dealt with.


Whether it was FamedGod or Lizard Squad, the point being made seems to be the same. “Sony is bad, bad, bad.” However, if their intent was to hurt Sony, it is really the gamers whom are truly affected. A Sunday of all days too. It’s the weekend and gamers want to relax with their favorite games online and aren’t able to do so because of hackers wanting to prove a point. I’m sure most of us can agree that Sony does need to improve PSN’s servers and protection of its customers but this is an extreme and absurd way of showing it. I recommend everyone remove their credit card information off of PSN just in case.

The question now is how long will PSN be down and will this mimic the outrage of when PSN had a security breach in 2011? Let’s hope it doesn’t get that bad! With fall games just around the corner and gamers already cynical of PSN security, Sony can’t afford another blunder of that size.

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