Oxenfree: The Best of Classic Teen Horror


Supernatural Happenings Plus Kids = Profit

Remember when you watched those movies with those kids in it? You know, the ones where they would go off to a school for homecoming? Or a haunted cabin in the woods? Or an abandoned camp? And remember the character building scenes at that party, or prom dance, when they had not a care in the world? Or something that just made you wonder when the good part was coming? And then all of a sudden, BAM! A slasher comes and starts hacking those kids to pieces or a ghost starts to haunt them to death or something crazy like that. Now those carefree teens have to find a way to survive without dying. Do you remember? Well buckle up ladies and gents cause Oxenfree is going to take you back through those movies. Well…sort of anyway.


Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are

Oxenfree has an old sci-fi teen slasher film vibe to it that made me a bit nostalgic. You play as a teen (no surprise there) named Alex who is going to an abandoned island with a group of friends to party (oh gee didn’t see that coming). On the way there, one of your friends asks you to bring an old radio. This radio can pick up signals all around the island about the history of said island (you might as well study while you’re here). After meeting up with the rest of your group, it’s time to party where drama occurs. Upset and bored, Alex and her step brother Jonas, whom also accompanied you to this island, explore a cave. Going deeper inside the cave, they discover something not quite right. No, not a slasher, but a hole. From another dimension. Filled with ghosts. This Bermuda triangle-like hole just so happens to respond to your radio. After excavating the hole, strange things start happening around the island that turns your group’s party fun into survival time.


Your main goal is to find a way off of the island and reseal the ghosts. The only tool you have with you is your radio, which can be very useful when dealing with these entities around you. You use it to communicate with the entities, build the story, and unlock access to certain areas inaccessible before.

When you play, you have to make decision based on your conversations with others. For instance, should you go by yourself or have someone accompany you? Should you choose point A or B? By having these chats with the characters, you start to shape Alex’s behavior as well as learn more about everyone in your group. Just be careful; something you might have said a long time ago, could have a major consequence than you think.


Tune in for More

Oxenfree is a great cross of an indie sci-fi teen horror. There are multiple ways to complete and play. Sometimes you might ask yourself if the decision you made was the right one or did you just doom everybody. As the game progresses, you’re left questioning which way is up and which way is out. The graphics are like a moving comic book with 3D characters followed by unique game-play that draws you in further.

oxenfree radio

As of this article, Oxenfree is on sale at 75% on Steam and is nominated for the Game Awards on December 1st 2016. You can also purchase Oxenfree on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Remember don’t open a hole that seems to harbor ghosts or All The Outs Are Free!

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