Mass Effect Andromeda: Everything You Need to Know


N7 Day was filled with information, and a ton of it. I spent my day thumbing through my twitter timeline, piecing together information from all kinds of sources to present to you guys. Here you are! A ton of Mass Effect Andromeda news!


Let’s talk about player characters. There are two options, Sara Ryder or Scott Ryder, a brother and sister duo. The names are customizable and unlike Dragon Age 2, both siblings will be present in the game, but unavailable as squad mates. A tweet from Sara’s voice actress, Fryda Wolff, regards the pair as SisRyder and BroRyder rather than FemRyder and MaleRyder. Take that information as you may. Scott Ryder’s voice is played by Tom Taylorson. Another massive character hinted at in the game is the duo’s father, Alec Ryder. He is voiced by Clancy Brown. Nothing is known about Mama Ryder. Both Ryders will be given equal screen time on advertisements, seen on Game Informer’s December cover.

Mass Effect Andromeda takes place 600 years after the time that Shepard is being revived in Mass Effect 2. The exact date given for the beginning of the Andromeda initiative is 7/25/2184. Why 600 years? The Ryders are leaving the Milky Way and it takes 600 years to reach their destination. The Ryders are in some kind of stasis during that time. Honestly, I just think that Bioware wants to get some distance from Shepard. I can’t blame them, considering the uproar they caused with the original endings of Mass Effect 3, but that’s an argument for another article.


The Mass Effect website has been updated with tons of information about the lore of the game, including a timeline of events leading up to the Andromeda Initiative. The website asks for recruits to join the Andromeda Initiative, which looks like a way for players to get DLC for the game when it comes out. By clicking the “Andromeda Mission Training,” I was brought to a welcome orientation screen and the promise of an in-game helmet if all training had been completed.

What else do we know about Andromeda? There is a new alien race called the Kett. Bioware is keeping pretty tight-lipped about the specifics. The blue Asari in the trailer is called Peebee, but that’s only a nickname. Oh, and Andromeda is bringing back the loyalty system, confirming that each squad member will have a loyalty mission to complete. We’ll also see the return of the Turians. I know that some of you guys are dying to know about romances, and Mac Walters, creative director of Mass Effect Andromeda, has confirmed that there are both gay male and female romances as well as tons of alien kisses.

Let’s not forget the fancy new trailer that Bioware released today. It looks pretty epic, but it’s only a cinematic trailer. Gameplay will be premiered at The Game Awards on December 1st. You can take a look at the trailer above. Let me know what you think about it in the comments below. The release date is a very vague – Spring 2017. According to BioFan’s speculation video (see it here), it could be a tentative March or April release.


That’s not all. What options do you have for buying the actual game? EA has confirmed three editions of the game. The standard edition is $60 and contains the base game. The deluxe edition cost an extra ten bucks but includes the Pathfinder Casual Outfit, Scavenger Armor, Pathfinder Elite Weapon Set, a copy of the soundtrack to download, a Multiplayer launch pack, and a pet Pyjak. The third option is the Super Deluxe version that comes with everything listed and 19 extra multiplayer packs (making it 20 total over the course of 20 weeks) and 20 premium pack boosters. This is listed for $100. If you pre-order any version from Origin, you’ll get Deep Space Explorer Armor, a Multiplayer Booster Pack, and the Nomad Skin.  The collector’s edition comes with either a diecast replica of the Nomad ND1 or a remote control version.


One last piece of information that I’ll leave you with: The Mass Effect trilogy is now officially backwards compatible on the Xbox One. So, that should tide you over until Mass Effect Andromeda comes out.

What are you looking forward to the most? Let me know in the comments below.