Meet Our Staff

Nia – Founder & Editor-in-Chief


Nia Pierce Favorite Games: TLOZ: A Link to the Past, SpeedRunners, Ratchet and Clank
Favorite Console: Super Nintendo, PS2, Wii U
Favorite Genre: Adventure, Puzzler, and RTS
Favorite Publishers: Nintendo
Favorite Gaming Memory: Playing Streets of Rage 2 with my brother all night every night. We’ve beaten that game together a gazillion times.


Nia has been gaming for about as long as she could hold a controller. Growing up with experiences like Super Mario Bros 1 – 3, The Legend of Zelda, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Streets of Rage, she was bound to blossom into the lovely specimen you see before you. She loves the classics but will play anything that requires buttons, a d-pad, or analog sticks. She hopes to one day leave her mark on the gaming industry as it has helped impact the person she is today.

Erica – Manager of Operations, Team Lead, & Writer


Erica Favorite Games: TLOZ: Ocarina of Time, Contra III, Gears of War series, and The Last of Us
Favorite Console: SNES
Favorite Genre: Action/Adventure
Favorite Publishers: Epic, Konami, and Rare
Favorite Gaming Memory: Gears of War online with friends, renting SNES and N64 games, writing stories about video games, and confusing my elementary school teachers.


Erica has been fond of gaming since she was 5 and experienced her first jump on the original Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. Growing up in the 80s and 90s, she was privileged to have experienced the SNES, TurboGrafx, Sega Saturn, Dreamcast, N64, amongst many other systems. Do not mistake her classic upbringing for unawareness of today’s generation of gaming. She is up to date with gaming news, the YouTube gaming community, as well as the social aspects of gaming. She is fascinated with men and women and how they each view and treat gaming, and above all keeps gaming in check for what it is meant to be: for fun. So if you want some down to earth commentary and opinions, look no further than Ericutz4thewin.

Jaleesa – Field Manager, Team Lead, & Writer


Jaleesa Favorite Games: NBA 2K, NBA Street, Kingdom Hearts 2, Persona 4 Golden, Battlefield 3, and Assassin’s Creed 2
Favorite Console: PS2
Favorite Genre: Action adventure/sports
Favorite Publishers: Atlus, Rocksteady, Rockstar, 2K Sports, Square Enix, and EA Big
Favorite Gaming Memory: The first time I saw Resident Evil 1, my brother wouldn’t let me play or watch with his friends. I used to peep from a cracked door to watch anyway.


People in the gaming community say most females and gaming just don’t mix well. Jaleesa Foster, AKA Crunkgirl711, changes this statement and brings the phrase hardcore female gamer to the forefront. Hailing from the small town of Lancaster, SC, Crunkgirl has taught many old school gamers that it doesn’t matter what sex you are, we are all gamers, we love our addictions, and we could care less what the outsiders think. She’s an open-minded gamer with a special love for sports games like NBA 2K, NBA Live, and Madden to the Uncharted, God of War, and the Infamous series, etc. She is a dork, gamer, artist, and geek by destiny, not by choice. Yeah, she’s awesome. Enough said.

Charnelle – Twitch/Podcast Manager & Writer


Charnelle Favorite Games: FF9, FF13, Kingdoms of Amalur, Legend of Dragoon, Fairy Fencer F
Favorite Console: PS3
Favorite Genre: RPG/JRPG
Favorite Publishers: Square Enix, Atlus
Favorite Gaming Memory: Renting and completing Tales of the Abyss in two weeks, beating FF9 with only Vivi alive at the end.


After her first gaming memory of playing Final Fantasy 7, she became a lover of JRPGs, RPGs and even MMORPGs. Despite her first gaming console being the PS2, she still loves to experience older games of the genre and has recently been expanding little by little into the action side of the gaming pool. Introducing the often sarcastic Canadian girl RPG gamer, Charnelle.

Gabby – Writer & Copy Editor


Gabby Favorite Games: The Mass Effect series, the Infamous series, Mirror’s Edge, Paper Mario, Final Fantasy, Star Ocean 4, Telltale’s the Walking Dead, Pokemon
Favorite Console: PS3
Favorite Genre: RPG
Favorite Publishers: Sucker Punch, Square Enix, Nintendo, Telltale Games
Favorite Gaming Memory: Finally capturing Entei, Suicune, and Raikou after chasing them everywhere in Pokemon Crystal.


Gabby first delve into the world of gaming with Pokémon Red. Being a 90’s kid, it was practically predestined for her to discover the wonder of the Gameboy. From there on, Pokémon, Zelda, Mario, Kirby, and Sonic became the staples of her gaming diet. At the age of nine, she received her very first home console: the GameCube. She entered the world of JRPGs and simulation games such as Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing. With the purchase of a PS3 in 2008, she began the third chapter in her gaming life, embracing RPGs such as Fallout and Mass Effect, action-adventures like inFamous, and even shooters. The well-rounded gamer is also an avid anime fan and devoted cosplayer, and has a fondness for film, writing, and photography that she hopes to take to the professional level after college.

Alexis – Promotions and Marketing Manager & Twitch/Podcast Co-manager


Alexis Favorite Games: FF8
Favorite Console: PS3 60GB (backwards compatible) 
Favorite Genre: RPGs
Favorite Publishers: Squaresoft
Favorite Gaming Memory: Meeting Nobuo Uematsu for the first time.


Alexis has been gaming since she was 5 years old. She started out with the original NES. Being a spoiled, only child, her father bought her most of the gaming consoles that had been released in North America. In her youth, her older cousins would monopolize her consoles, discouraging her from playing as often as she wanted. When her parents separated at age 8, she moved to Florida with her mother where she met her best friend, Abby, who encouraged her to get back into video games. Since then, she’s been to four Final Fantasy concerts, three Video Game Live concerts, one Zelda concert, and many anime/comic book/video game conventions with friends. Nerd culture is a big part of her life. She enjoys sharing her love with others as it has been gratifying to her on a personal level.

Krystal – Writer & Editor


Krystal Favorite Games: Silent Hill 2, Fallout 3, MK: Deception, SSFIV, L4D2, COD: BLOPS, & Banjo Kazooie
Favorite Console: N64, PS2 & Xbox 360
Favorite Genre: Horror, Fighters & Shooters
Favorite Publishers: Valve, Rockstar, Konami & Bethesda
Favorite Gaming Memory: All of the N64 era was a euphoria. We played all the best games without a worry in the world.


Krystal has been a gamer ever since she was 4 years old, stomping on Goombas! Better known by her Gamertag, KittieOnALeash, she’s a Computer Geek by day and Digital Hero by night. A collector of many games and retro consoles, Kittie tries hard to fit plenty hours of gaming to her IRL schedule. She’s been training in competitive gaming with Super Street Fighter IV, Call of Duty and League of Legends. Not always is she so serious, though as her gaming commentaries really show her fun/goofy personality. Her favorite genre is Horror Survival and her all-time favorite game is Silent Hill 2! Krystal’s other pastimes include watching horror movies, making digital art, singing (er, screaming) metal music and creating gamer jewelry to sell on her Etsy. You can find KittieOnALeash on Youtube, Twitch and Twitter.

Toni – Writer


Toni R. Favorite Games: Fallout 3, Mirror’s Edge, TLJ Series, MGS series, and much more.
Favorite Console: PC is the master race. ;3 I like all consoles. no real favorites besides PC.
Favorite Genre: Action/Adventure, Perspective Puzzle, RPGs
Favorite Publishers: Bethesda & Bioware
Favorite Gaming Memory: Endlessly playing Fallout 3, passing out with the controller in my hand, and waking up with it in my hand. Fallout 3 made me who I am today.


Toni is a huge fan of games with strong narratives/stories. She prefers point & clicks (ex. Longest Journey Series), RPGs, adventure, action, though she’s not a big fan, she does play shooters (first person and third person), and puzzle & perspective games (ex. Echochrome or Monument Valley).

Ellie – Writer


Ellie MacIntyre Favorite Games: Resident Evil Code: Veronica ranks as my number one all time favorite.
Favorite Console: Sega Dreamcast, N64, Gameboy
Favorite Genre:Survival Horror, Puzzle, Fighter
Favorite Publishers: Capcom
Favorite Gaming Memory:

When I was thirteen, I’d sneak on to Xbox live at midnight to play ranked matches online in Soul Calibur. I’d keep my mic off, whoop some ass, and then at the end tell everyone they had just gotten destroyed by a thirteen year old girl.


Ellie was launched into the gaming scene early, beginning her career in the ’90s playing Mario Kart 64 with her father. Her affinity for video games only grew, and since then she’s avidly gamed on a number of consoles, ranging from Dreamcast to the Xbox 360. Her favorite games are Sonic Adventure (1&2), Resident Evil Code: Veronica, Soul Calibur, and Pokemon. Currently, she is a college student studying Psychology who models, writes creative prose, and cosplays in her spare time.

Kylie – Writer


Kylie Favorite Games: Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies, Pokemon ORAS
Favorite Console: all generations of Nintendo DS, Gamecube, Xbox 360
Favorite Genre: Nintendo
Favorite Publishers: Square Enix, Nintendo
Favorite Gaming Memory: Sitting with my brothers and painstakingly playing Super Smash Bros.: Melee for hours so we could unlock all the characters.


Ky’s first gaming memory is being given a Gameboy color with a little attachable light and a Little Mermaid pinball game that required a battery so it would vibrate whenever you scored. She hasn’t been seen without a controller in her hands since. She loves the jumping and punching but more than anything she loves the stories games tell and how they unfold. She looks to games for inspiration in creating her own characters and telling their stories.

Brent – Social Media Manager & Contributor


Nia Pierce Favorite Games: Star Wars Kotor, Half-Life 2, Bioshock, Garry’s Mod, GTA V
Favorite Console: PC
Favorite Genre: RPG, Adventure
Favorite Publishers: Bioware, Valve, Rockstar
Favorite Gaming Memory: Any of the dozens of LAN parties in high school when my friends and I would load our PC’s or Xbox’s into a room and play Counterstrike and Halo until the sun came up.


Brent is SheAttack’s social media guy. Sometimes me might write a thing about video games. Brent practically lives and breathes video games and pop culture. He’s a PC guy, but he does occasionally turn on his PS4 and 3DS.

Scott – Copy Editor


Scott Favorite Games: Final Fantasy X, Kingdom Hearts, Fire Emblem
Favorite Console: PlayStation 2, Nintendo DS
Favorite Genre: RPG/JRPG, Tactical Strategy, Fighting
Favorite Publishers: Square Enix, Nintendo
Favorite Gaming Memory: Collaborating with friends to build the Ultima Weapon in Kingdom Hearts.


I want video game narratives to represent more diversity. Game developers should recognize they are serving as some of this era’s storytellers and that they make games for a fan base that asks more and more, “Who are we?” By challenging traditional narratives and offering alternatives, game developers can empower movements that celebrate the diversity of the people who play video games.

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