Let’s Get Crunk Ep. 3: NBA 2K18 Flexes It’s Muscle With “Run The Neighborhood”


NBA 2K18 Flexes It’s Muscle With “Run The Neighborhood”: Full Breakdown

EA and the NBA Live team have gotten a lot of shine the last few weeks with the NBA Live 18 demo. NBA Live took a much needed break for last two years and reemerged with a product that I feel is playable and should give the company a newfound, solid foundation. This demo got me thinking, “what does the 2K team have in store for NBA 2K18?” Ronnie 2k and LD2k, who are the community managers were really quiet and I was started to get a little worried. After several weeks of posting screen shots, trailers, and player ratings, the 2K team finally had a huge event in New York City called “Run The Neighborhood” that answered my question.  Nobody knew exactly what “Run The Neighborhood” meant, but most, including myself, thought it had to do with My Park. Boy, were we wrong! Sports YouTubers, including myself, roared with excitement after the release of the big reveal trailer.

So, let’s break down what we learned about NBA 2K18’s “Run The Neighborhood”. 

Check Out “Run The Neighborhood” Trailer! 

The Breakdown: What’s “The Neighborhood”

After years of adding and tweaking the game modes in 2K18, the team has now revamped the entire game and the way you play MyCareer mode. MyCareer mode has been a staple in NBA 2K and this generation they’re taking it to another level with actualized dialogue with your created players of choice. This generation, 2K finally brought back Crew mode and turned it into MyPark.

  • “ The Neighborhood” is a new open world-type hub which combines elements of MyCareer, Pro-Am, and The Park. 
  • Within “The Neighborhood”, your MyPlayer can run around a large hub world where you can go play pick games in the Playgrounds, walk into actual stores like Footlocker and Swag to cop gear for your player, and head to the barbershop to chop it up with other NBA players and to get a haircut. 

The Neighborhood: Locations 

  • Six locations were shown for “The Neighborhood” – The Playground, The Downtown Court, 2K Zone, Footlocker, The Venue, and King of the Court
  • 80 to 100 people will be able to reside in one neighborhood at a time. 
  • “The Playground” is the next evolution of MyPark. This area consist of 8 courts, 6 are 3V3 and 2 are 2V2’s. 
  • “The Downtown Court” is a jumpsuit game. Each court area will have a different point value. The players with the highest score of the day will be displayed on the leaderboards.  
  • “2K Zone” will be a meet up area with everyone in the neighborhood – Play trivia, Pick’em, and Blacktop. You will also be able to watch highlights from NBA 2KTV. 
  • “Foot Locker Store” –  Will be laced with over 2,000 pairs of shoes. All NBA licensed brands will be available including Jordan, Nike, Under Armor, and Adidas. 
  • “ The Venue” – This is the pop-up center for special events.  This year will introduce the Ruffles which is a 4 pointer challenge. Also, the Dew NBA 3X, Ante Up, House Rules, and Park After Dark Events will be back for 2K18. 
  • “King Of The Court” – Finally in King of the Court, players will play other users in 1v1 games. Compete to be on the leaderboards as the player who held the court for the most games in a row each day. 
  • Players can also head over to the training facility, where you can work out with other players to get your created player ready for the streets in MyCareer. 

MyPark Rep is Dead, but “The Road To 99” Just Might Be The New Answer

  • 2K has squashed the rep system. Now it’s all about your overall rating and “ The Road to 99” 
  • Now, the road to grind for a 99 overall player will not be the same as before. This year VC will still be in the game, but will only raise you to an 85 overall confirmed by Mike Wang on his Twitter page via Periscope. 
  • Running with the “Road To 99” theme, players aren’t forced to play MyCareer anymore to build their MyPlayer like before. This year, all of your attributes, animations, and badges will combine within the neighborhood. 
  • The reputation system for 2K18 has changed as well. In prior years, players needed to play every mode to rank up and get to the coveted, Legend, and 99 overall status. This time around, players aren’t forced to play MyCareer if they don’t want to just to rank up.  This year, the rep system goes by your overall. The overall goes from 60 to 99. Each level unlocks gear and other things that you can use on your journey to 99.  

Archetypes Are Back

  • Last year, 2K incorporated Archetypes for your MyCareer players and this year they’re following that up with adding a second archetype just as NBA LIVE 18 has done with their traits feature. These different archetypes will dictate your style of play and also how your player develops his skills over time.  Unlike 2K17, in 2K18 there is a lot more versatility with the archetypes. Each archetype (pure or hybrid) has badge “caps”. You can get some bronze, silver, gold, etc, all determined by your archetype.
  • There are a total of about 189 different archetypes to choose from when you consider pures, hybrids, and the standard positions. 
  • Every Archetype has a unique set of badges like always and you can decide how to upgrade your player by practicing and playing other game modes. One thing that hasn’t changed is that all the types are capped at some point depending on the archetype.
  • So far the community has kicked it into high gear, trying to figure out all of the different Archetypes that were shown at the event. Most of the youtubers who attended the event got to capture footage through either a cell phone or direct capture.  A random 2k player by the name of @dunkeschoen  has put together a actual spreadsheet of around 116 out of the 189 types to choose from. He put it all together by looking at all of the youtube footage from the event but as you can see he hasn’t found them all yet. We will have to wait until September 8, 2017 for the NBA 2k18 Prelude demo to drop, before we find out the rest of the archetypes available.  If u want to check out the spreadsheet, check it out below. 


NBA2K18 THE SHEET with 116 of 189 possible archetypes

Closing Thoughts Just to Wrap it Up

Overall, 2K had a fantastic event and a lot of gamers were impressed with the flood of news. However, there are still some concerns that I have. As long as I have played 2K, the games have struggled due to the lack of stable online servers. The Park After Dark fiasco from last year was definitely a down moment for the franchise. In 2K17, 2K took a step back with the stability of the servers and I’m afraid this may plague them again this year. Especially with all the stuff that will be going on within this new world they created within 2K18. For “The Neighborhood” to be a success, 2K has got to wrinkle out their server issues or this will have been for nothing. Also, I’m kind of disappointed we didn’t see a lot more of what actual MyCareer players will be doing this year dealing with the actual story. I’m really interested in how far the 2K team will take the story and the college elements. All in all, basketball fans should have a fun year with both NBA Live 18 and NBA 2K18. NBA Live 18 might be finding it’s footing, but it seems 2K has yet again revolutionized the sports game franchise though it remains to be seen.  

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