Humble Bundle: Name Your Price, Give Back for Gamers


Obtain a Humble Bundle at Discount Prices

I’ve always wanted to give back to gamers and people of the world and be able to purchase my favorite games at discounted rates at the same time. I didn’t think it was possible. I thought I had to choose between the two, and mostly, I would rather give my money to charity than buy a game I can get another day. That is until I discovered a wonderful site.

Humble Bundle was founded in 2010 with the intention in creating a site that people themselves can name their own price and give back to those in need. The idea for the bundle was thunk up from Jeff Rosen of Wolfire Games. Rosen describes the inspiration coming to him through similar sales of bundle packages on Steam and from a previous “pay-what-you-want” sale for The World of Goo. Humble Bundle sells books as well.

Set Your Own Price

Humble Bundle has very unique features for their site. For instance, you can actually tell them the price you want to pay for certain bundles. Let’s say you been wanting to buy Assassins Creed Syndicate, but it is way out of your price range. Well, with Humble Bundle, you can actually end up paying a $0.01 for it. That’s right just $0.01! Sometimes they have brand new triple A titles for sale. Typically, it’s a variety of older gems, indie hits, yet overall amazing games. Rosen also sought to include charities in the bundle.

humble bundle2

You can pay for individual items, but if you name a bigger price than a penny, you can get an entire bundle of games instead of the one. This is very exciting for some of us who need to “save a bundle” (ba-dum-tss). Each week Humble Bundle has a weekly bundle that is usually a pretty sweet deal. You can even subscribe to get a monthly bundle of goodies.

Giving Back to the Gamers and People in Need

The greatest feature of them all, I believe, is the set-up in regards to where your money is going. You can give at least 10% of your purchases to any charity of your choosing. Rosen sought to include charities in the bundle. Rosen believed the means of “pay-what-you-want” would allow purchasers to simply give the money to the charities. Not only can you give back to amazing gaming charities such as Child’s Play and Games Aid, but you can also choose from thousands of other local and national charities as well. This is a key function in Humble Bundle which gives it that unique touch.

I have been shopping for my games here ever since I have heard of Humble Bundle. I encourage anyone who is a gamer – or anyone who’s comfortable with shopping online, loves discounts, and likes donating to charity – to check out Humble Bundle. I can guarantee that you will never regret it. I hope that this will allow many others to give back to those who really need it. This site is a grand idea and I will never regret finding it.

Have you gotten any neat game through Humble Bundle? Tell us your experiences below! As always, happy shopping and happy gaming!