EU Summer Split Week 1, Day 2 Wrap Up


Game 1 – SK Gaming vs Gambit Gaming

Projected Winner:  SK Gaming ~ 64% of the viewer vote

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SK Gaming vs Gambit Gaming

Gambit Comes Back with a Vengeance

I’ll be honest, when giving advice on who to draft for your Fantasy LCS team I told everyone to avoid Gambit Gaming players like the plague. Last split they fell during the mid season and you can almost say that they have been on the decline since last year’s World Championship. With the lost of Alex Ich and their performance yesterday, the Gambit from old seemed gone for good.

But in their game against SK Gaming today, Gambit showed their is still bite behind their bark. Genja and EDward dominated the bot lane on Lucian and Gragas versus nRated and CandyPanda on Morgana and Vayne. The short range of the SK bot lane couldn’t handle the poke from Gragas and CandyPanda spent most of the game behind on levels, items, and CS.

The game started to really fall apart when Gambit took the mid lane outer turret and picked up a kill on Freddy122. The only issue for Gambit was their ability to close out the game. After a great team fight from SK Gaming in the center of mid lane, SK took Baron and by themselves some time. SK wasn’t able to do much with their Baron buff and during another mid lane engage that SK wins. They made a risky Baron call that failed for them. I hate to say it, but even with Baron buff, I don’t think SK was ever really back in the game. Maybe those Gambit picks you all made will pay off.


SK Gaming: 12K/15D/36A

Freddy122: 3.3 KDA w/ 333CS
Svenskeren: 3.3 KDA w/ 136CS
Jesiz: 5 KDA w/ 419CS
CandyPanda: 2.6 KDA w/ 290CS
nRated: 2.5 KDA w/ 46CS

Gambit Gaming: 15K/12D/34A

Darien: 3 KDA w/ 282CS
Diamond: 4.5 KDA w/ 161CS
NiQ: 3 KDA w/ 351CS
Genja: 12 KDA w/ 425CS
EDward: 3.3 KDA w/ 70CS

Winner: Gambit Gaming


Game 2 – Copenhagen Wolves vs Millenium

Projected Winner:  Millenium ~ 62.3% of the viewer vote

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The Wolves Translate a Strong Laning Phase into Victory

From their early take of the bot lane outer turret, the Wolves showed their powerful ability to out rotate their opponents. They went from catching Jree out of position in top lane to converting that for a kill on Kerp in mid lane to taking the first Dragon of the game.

The Wolves had some issues in the mid game as they made mistakes in back to back Dragon fights allowing Millenium to be in the game. But the Wolves finally made their team comp work. In a sloppy fight in Millenium’s blue side jungle, Cowtard is able to convert a Steel Tempest into a Last Breath on 3 of Millenium melting them and winning the fight for the Wolves.

The game fell out of Millenium’s hands during a 5 man push in top. Airwaks is able to flank them as Evelyn and land Agony’s Embrace on the entire Millenium squad.  What follows is a commanding team fight from the Wolves as they ace Millenium and take the Baron and the eventual win.


Copenhagen Wolves: 26K/18D/72A

YoungBuck:  7.5KDA w/ 297CS
Airwaks: 4.8 KDA w/ 140CS
cowTard: 3.3KDA w/ 442CS
Woolite: 7.3 KDA w/ 462CS
Unlimited:  8.5 KDA w/ 47CS

Millenium: 18K/26D/47A

Kev1n:  2.75 KDA w/309CS
Kottenx: 2.6 KDA w/ 169CS
Kerp: 2.5 KDA w/ 392CS
Creaton: 4.3 KDA w/ 330CS
Jree:  1.6 KDA w/ 38CS

Winner: Copenhagen Wolves

Game 3 – Alliance vs Supa Hot Crew

Projected Winner:  Alliance ~ 90.6% of the viewer vote

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Alliance’s Indecision Give Supa Hot Crew the Win

Alliance seemed off their game as they faced of against the Supa Hot Crew. It started with a bad Dragon fight that the Supa Hot Crew won with 0 for 3. From there, every map movement was marked with indecision.

The only time Alliance looked like they had any chance in this game was when the Supa Hot Crew aggressively pushed on the nexus turrets. Alliance was able take out 4 of SHC at the expense of Nyph and Shook and are able to convert that win for a Baron.

But even with the Baron buff, Alliance is able to handle Supa Hot Crew. SHC was able to tower dive Alliance at their top inhibitor turret and convert it for an ace and the win. This game showed, as the casters called it, a “woken up” Supa Hot Crew and an Alliance that fell into old bad habits.


Alliance: 9K/16D/20A

Wickd:  0.5 KDA w/ 301CS
Shook: 1.75 KDA w/ 162CS
Froggen: 8 KDA w/ 341CS
Tabzz: 2.6 KDA w/ 443CS
Nyph:  1 KDA w/ 45CS

Supa Hot Crew: 16K/9D/59A

Mimer: 12 KDA w/ 311CS
Impaler: 15 KDA w/ 136CS
Selfie: 8 KDA w/ 403CS
MrRalleZ: 5.3 KDA w/ 296CS
wewillfailer: 5.3 KDA w/ 25CS

Winner: Supa Hot Crew


Game 4 – SK Gaming vs Copenhagen Wolves

Projected Winner: SHC ~ 85.4% of the viewer vote

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SK vs CW

Freddy122 Shows Why You Need to Ban Jax

One has to wonder where the Wolves of earlier this morning went.  SK Gaming decide to put CandyPanda and nRated in top lane versus YoungBuck on Lulu. The idea was to give Lulu a hard time versus a duo lane, since Jax has less trouble farming under tower.

What ended up happening from this rotation was pretty interesting. Top lane became a solo ADC lane as Woolite was sent top to stop CandyPanda from freezing the lane and being able to AFK farm. The bot lane became Freddy122 and nRated versus YoungBuck and Unlimited. This odd lane set up allowed SK Gaming to secure First Blood on Woolite thanks to a gank from Svenskeren.

Throughout the game, SK were able to out rotate the Wolves and secure objective after objective. All the while, Jesiz and Freddy122 became monsters on their respective champions. The extremely powerful combo of Kayle and Jax gave SK Gaming the ability to win team fight after team fight.


SK Gaming: 21K/4D/31A

Freddy122: 10 KDA w/ 136CS
Svenskeren: 4.5 KDA w/ 92CS
Jesiz: 14 KDA w/ 249CS
CandyPanda: 7 KDA w/ 205CS
nRated: 12 KDA w/ 20CS

Copenhagen Wolves: 4K/21D/7A

YoungBuck:  0.4 KDA w/ 121CS
Airwaks: 1 KDA w/ 61CS
cowTard: 0.5 KDA w/ 206CS
Woolite: 0.3 KDA w/ 177CS
Unlimited:  0.4 KDA w/ 12CS

Winner: SK Gaming

Game 5 – Supa Hot Crew vs Roccat

Projected Winner:  Roccat ~ 84% of the viewer vote

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Roccat Makes Back to Back Poor Baron Calls, Throwing the Match

The match started heavily in favor of Roccat. VandeR’s aggressive play on Leona allowed Celaver to have an early lead against MrRalleZ. In mid lane, Overpow was scored First Blood against Selfie. Team fight after team fight, this game looked like it was in Roccat’s hands.

Then Jankos and Celaver tried to sneak an early Baron. Granted, the fight ended with a 3 for 3 exchange. But Supa Hot Crew easily came out on top as they were able to convert that fight into the mid outer turret and the Dragon. A second Baron call however spelled the end of the game for Roccat. This time, Supa Hot Crew wins the game decisively losing only their support and Roccat’s Xaxus is the only one to walk away.

After securing Baron for themselves, Supa Hot Crew make short order of Roccat for their second win of Super Week.


Supa Hot Crew: 12K/8D/33A

Mimer: 9 KDA w/ 435CS
Impaler: 4.5 KDA w/ 182CS
Selfie: 3.6 KDA w/ 322CS
MrRalleZ: 7 KDA w/ 462CS
wewillfailer: 4.5 KDA w/ 21CS

Roccat: 8K/12D/18A

Xaxus: 6 KDA w/ 315CS
Jankos: 2 KDA w/169CS
Overpow: 2 KDA w/ 364CS
Celaver: 1 KDA w/ 441CS
VandeR: 205 KDA w/ 61CS

Winner: Supa Hot Crew

Game 6 – Alliance vs Fnatic

Projected Winner:  Fnatic ~ 60.8% of the viewer vote

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Alliance vs Fnatic

Fnatic Continues Their Downward from All Stars

At the start of Super Week the casters posed the question of whether or not Fnatic would continue their domination of the EU LCS. And then there was Fnatic’s first game versus SK Gaming. Fnatic just seemed to be asleep. That trend followed into today as well.

Alliance started of the match with back to back kills on xPeke in mid lane. Then, they took the first tower of the match in bot lane while denying sOAZ of any farm. The early lane freeze and farm denial insured that Jax was never a factor in the match.

Alliance seals Fnatic’s fate after Nyph lands an amazing max range Death Sentence on xPeke over at Fnatic’s red buff. What followed was a team fight that Alliance won 3 for 1 and took the Baron. From there, Alliance used their Baron buff and lead to secure their second win and leave Fnatic with a lot to consider.


Alliance: 13K/6D/40A

Wickd:  10 KDA w/ 271CS
Shook: 4 KDA w/ 119CS
Froggen: 12 KDA w/ 283CS
Tabzz: 9 KDA w/ 280CS
Nyph:  10 KDA w/ 50CS

Fnatic: 6K/13D/14A

sOAZ: 0.25 KDA w/ 230CS
Cyanide: 2 KDA w/ 114CS
xPeke: 1.5 KDA w/ 329CS
Rekkles: 5 KDA w/ 310CS
YellOwStaR: 1.3 KDA w/ 23CS

Winner: Alliance