EU Summer Split Week 1, Day 1 Wrap Up


Game 1 – Fnatic vs SK Gaming

Projected Winner:  Fnatic ~ 80.18% of the viewer vote

Picks and Bans

Fnatic: Blue Side

Bans: Eve, Twitch, Yasuo

Pick Order

1: Irelia
2: Graves
3: Leblanc
4: Elise
5: Thresh

SK Gaming: Purple Side

Bans: Kassadin, Jax, Nidalee

1: Lucian
2: Lee Sin
3: Trundle
4: Kayle
5: Morgana


The Game

First Blood went in favor of Fnatic. Cynadie took a kill on Jsez with this assistance of xPeke thanks to a well placed Cocoon that followed up xPeke’s Ethereal Chains.

Fnatic started the match flexing their muscles. Despite losing the first dragon, Fnatic were consistently getting picks across the map creating a 2k gold lead for themselves.

However things start to get iffy around the 20 minute mark. Constantly, Fnatic shows too much aggression. First in the first real team fight at dragon and then when they dive the inner top turret. At first, these were 1 for 1 trades. But eventually they began to snowball in SK Gaming’s favor. The cinch was sOAZ constantly being caught out of position. The last of which, gave SK Gaming the Baron and the win.


Fnatic: 10K/11D/20A

sOAZ: 0.6 KDA w/ 184CS
Cyanide: 3.5 KDA w/ 115CS
xPeke: 9 KDA w/ 274CS
Rekkles: 7 KDA w/ 308CS
YellOwStaR: 1.3 KDA w/ 39CS


SK Gaming: 11K/10D/34A

Freddy122: 2 KDA w/ 177CS
Svenskeren: 10 KDA w/ 118CS
Jsez: 2.6 KDA w/ 243CS
CandyPanda: 5.5 KDA w/ 280CS
nRated: 10 KDA w/ 28CS

Winner: SK Gaming


Game 2 – Roccat vs Millenium

Projected Winner:  Roccat ~ 81.56% of the viewer vote

Picks and Bans

Roccat: Blue Side

Bans: Ziggs, Leblanc, Twitch

Pick Order

1: Kassadin
2: Lee Sin
3: Graves
4: Ryze
5: Zyra

Millenium: Purple Side

Bans: Kayle, Elise, Lulu

1: Lucian
2: Lee Sin
3: Trundle
4: Kayle
5: Morgana


Everyone was wondering how could Millennium let Kassadin  through the picks and bans phase. Granted, Kassdin had received a nerf in Patch 4.7, but the general consensus was he was still a powerful Mid laner. Everyone was even more confused by Kerp’s decision to go with Fizz.

The casters all said that Kassadin would be a tough match up for Fizz. Tell that to Kerp. At 26 minutes in, Kerp does a masterful play as he Flashed followed up with an Urchin Strike into Chum the Waters  and an Ignite on Overpow. Overpow went from 50% HP to 0 in a relative blink of an eye. This play allowed Millennium to get the bottom lane inhibitor and the Dragon.


Roccat: 3K/11D/4A

Xanus:  0.3 KDA w/ 178CS
Jankos: 0.2 KDA w/ 129CS
Overpow: 1.5KDA w/ 230CS
Celaver: 2 KDA w/ 251CS
VandeR:  0.3 KDA w/ 34CS

Millenium: 13K/3D/14A

Kev1n:  4 KDA w/232CS
Kottenx: 4 KDA w/ 150CS
Kerp: 3.5 KDA w/ 238CS
Creaton: 5 KDA w/ 321CS
Jree:  7 KDA w/ 39CS

Winner: Millenium

Game 3 – Copenhagen Wolves vs Alliance

Projected Winner:  Alliance ~ 81.4% of the viewer vote

Picks and Bans

Copenhagen Wolves: Blue Side

Bans: Irelia, Leblanc, Kayle

Pick Order

1: Yasuou
2: Yorick
3: Lulu
4: Kog’Maw
5: Zyra

Alliance: Purple Side

Bans: Jax, Twitch, Kassadin

1: Lucian
2: Lee Sin
3: Thresh
4: Shyvana
5: Ziggs

The Wolves Make Unique Picks

The big talk about the Copenhagen Wolves was how was the team going to perform with their roster change.Their Jungler Amazing had followed the Wolves former Mid laner Bjergsen to the NA LCS  Team SoloMid to replace TheOddOne. Their ADC Forg1ven had been removed from the lineup.  Replacing them are Airwaks, formerly of Heavy Botlane, in the Jungle and Woolite, formerly of Denial eSports EU, at ADC.

Off the bat, Airwaks and Woolite made a statement during the picks and bans stage with Airwaks taking Yorick and Woolite picking up Kog’Maw. Kog’Maw has been seeing some play on the Korean teams over in OGN. But Yorick was certainly an out of left field pick. In the early game, the chained slows of Yorick and Lulu and the long range of Kog’Maw allowed the Wolves to turn around a turret dive at their inner bottom lane turret into a 4 for 0.

However, it was not meant to be for the Wolves, as Alliance were able to take 3 kills for 0 after Copenhagen took the Dragon. Alliance converted that fight into a two consecutive Barons and the win.


Copenhagen Wolves: 9K/14D/26A

YoungBuck:  4.5 KDA w/ 289CS
Airwaks: 2.3 KDA w/ 159CS
cowTard: 2 KDA w/ 341CS
Woolite: 3 KDA w/ 344CS
Unlimited:  1.3 KDA w/ 31CS

Alliance: 14K/9D/43A

Wickd:  10 KDA w/334CS
Shook: 4.3 KDA w/ 156CS
Froggen: 11 KDA w/ 384CS
Tabzz: 6 KDA w/ 449CS
Nyph: 6.5 KDA w/ 49CS

Winner: Alliance


Game 4 – Millenium vs Supa Hot Crew

Projected Winner: SHC ~ 52.4% of the viewer vote

Picks and Bans

Millenium: Blue Side

Bans: Lulu, Yasuou, Leblanc

Pick Order

1: Twitch
2: Shyvana
3: Thresh
4: Evelyn
5: Ziggs

Supa Hot Crew: Purple Side

Bans: Kassadin, Jax, Morgana

1: Leona
2: Lee Sin
3: Irelia
4: Lucian
5: Twisted Fate


Kerp Dominates the Mid Lane

In his game versus Overpow and Roccat Kerp displayed his ability to play the roaming assassin Mid laner in Fizz. Throughout Millenium’s first game, Kerp played a superb Fizz as he easily took on Overpow and Xaxus in 1v1 picks.

But, in the game versus Selfie and the Supa Hot Crew Kerp displayed his mastery of playing a skill shot intensive Mid lane champ. Granted, Kerp received some of his lane dominance from successful ganks from Kottenx. Throughout the match, Kerp was able to use Ziggs’ Satchel Charge to continuously cancel Twisted Fates’ Gate after Selfie activated Destiny.

Kerp also was able to secure himself another #LCSBIGPLAY as he steals a desperate Baron play made from Supa Hot Crew to put the final nail in the coffin.


Millenium: 24K/17D/58A

Kev1n: 7 KDA w/ 446CS
Kottenx: 3.16 KDA w/ 182CS
Kerp: 5.6 KDA w/ 457CS
Creaton: 4.25 KDA w/ 413CS
Jree: 8.5 KDA w/ 57CS


Supa Hot Crew: 17K/24D/39A

Mimer: 3.5 KDA w/ 430CS
Impaler: 2.8 KDA w/ 153CS
Selfie: 1.57 KDA w/ 503CS
MrRalleZ: 2.8 KDA w/ 435CS
wewillfailer: 2 KDA w/ 84CS

Winner: Millenium

Game 5 – Gambit Gaming vs Roccat

Projected Winner:  Gambit ~ 55.2% of the viewer vote

Picks and Bans

Gambit Gaming: Blue Side

Bans: Elise, Thresh, Kayle

Pick Order

1: Lee Sin
2: Gragas
3: Caitlyn
4: Irelia
5: Nidalee

Roccat: Purple Side

Bans: Kassadin, Jax, Twitch

1: Lucian
2: Evelyn
3: Aatrox
4: Leona
5: Twisted Fate


Gambit’s Early Mistakes Cost Them the Match

Before the buffs even spawn, Genja finds himself face checking into a bush that Celaver was in. To survive, Genja blows his Flash, Heal, and learns 90 Caliber Net as Caitlyn’s first level; sacrificing some of his laning power. From here, things do not get any easier for Gambit Gaming.

A lot of talk has been going around about Gambit Gaming ever since Alex Ich stepped down and left the team. How was Gambit going to function without their main shot caller and front man? If this game versus Roccat is any indication, the answer is very poorly.

After Genja’s misplay, Diamond follows up with a poor decision of his own. Diamond decides to make a jungle invade over to Jankos’ Wright camp, which leads to him dying and giving double buffs over to Overpow. Worst yet? Not even a slight rotation from NiQ and the Gambit bot lane to help.

This game was pretty rough to watch as it was a relative stomp. Hopefully, for all of you who drafted Gambit players for you Fantasy LCS teams, the Gambit of previous splits makes an appearance.


Gambit Gaming: 1K/14D/1A

Darien: 0.25 KDA w/ 275CS
Diamond: 0.16 KDA w/ 136CS
NiQ: 0 KDA w/ 283CS
Genja: 0 KDA w/ 361CS
EDward: 0 KDA w/ 78CS


Roccat: 14K/1D/29A

Xaxus: 5 KDA w/ 323CS
Jankos: 12 KDA w/171CS
Overpow: 12 KDA w/ 311CS
Celaver: 7 KDA w/ 326CS
VandeR: 7 KDA w/ 52CS

Winner: Roccat