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ChronoBlade – The Multiplayer Mobile Game

ChronoBlade is a new phone game from nWay with MMO features and a phenomenal and extensive system that looks great on both tablets and...

Destiny iOS & Android App Analysis – Is it Necessary?

The Hype is Real, but is a Mobile App Overkill? With only a few days until the awaited Destiny beta, I was made aware that an...
Rise of Mana

Rise of Mana – Dawn of the iOS

If you are a fan of the Mana series, chances are you've heard about Rise of Mana or you have chosen to ignore it....

Maleficent Free Fall: Light The Board!

This month, we are celebrating our favorite villains here at SheAttack! Maleficent is hands down my favorite Disney villain and I have yet to...

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff First Impressions

Being a big fan of Family Guy, I thought I'd try out The Quest for Stuff, a free to play game that launched April...
Flappy Bird Game Screens by Forbes.com

Monetizing Done Well: The Success of Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird came and it went just like the starting life you get when you first play the game. But how does it continue making money?
Flappy Bird Cover

For the Love of Flappy Bird and Android Games

The big lip fish from Super Mario Bros games are now birds...thanks for the confusion Gears Studio but this game is hella awesome!
Flappy Bird gaming on Tablet

Mobile Games and Online Games Revenue Predicted to Grow to $60B by 2017

Digi-Capital's Global Games Investment Review 2014 predicted mobile and online games would account for 60% of game software by 2017 with also making a revenue of $60B. How can we invest?