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Another Castle: Lara Croft

It’s been a big few years for Lara Croft. Her rebirth in the revival of Tomb Raider has given her a new look and...

The Price of VR: Oculus Rift, PSVR, and HTC Vive

Sony recently announced the price of their contribution to the virtual reality craze, PlayStation VR. Coming in at $399, it'll be cheaper than both Oculus...

Review of Love Live: School Idol Festival

Love Live: School Idol Festival is a free rhythm game for mobile devices based on the Love Live anime franchise. The English version of...
Amazon Lumberyard

Amazon Lumberyard: What You Need to Know

By now we've all heard about Amazon Lumberyard, the free 3D game engine Amazon created based off CryEngine.  Is it really as free as...
Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle: Name Your Price, Give Back for Gamers

Obtain a Humble Bundle at Discount Prices I've always wanted to give back to gamers and people of the world and be able to purchase my favorite...
neko atsume

Neko Atsume: Mobile Cat Collector

After rave reviews and nearly a year of waiting, Neko Atsume has been translated for English speaking players this past October. And oh my goodness...

Branching Story Paths Usually Don’t Matter in Games

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed nowadays, its that people LOVE IT when games give you a choice. I mean, who wouldn’t? Media narratives...

PC Gamers Beware! Fallout 4 Lacks Full Disc!

"What blasphemy is this? Your betrayal serves as a reminder of the division that has occurred in the past. It's not too late lost...

EA Takes A Leap of Faith Into the Sandbox Genre!

“They aspire to match my magnificence! Let them try!,” the ghost of the notorious debonair assassin Ezio Auditore scoffs breaking into hysterical laughter. He laughs...

Virtual Reality: Stepping into the Future of Entertainment

Whether it's Neal Stephenson's 'Snow Crash,' Ernie Cline's nostalgic nerd adventure 'Ready Player One' or even 'The Matrix,' the concept of 'virtual reality' has...