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How Important is Character Creation and Customization in Games?

A couple of weeks ago, The Witcher series was on sale on both Steam and Origin. With the enhanced edition of The Witcher at...

Assault Android Cactus Review (PS4)

Assault Android Cactus is a new game released by the game development team, Witch Beam. You and up to three friends control androids unaffected...

Love is in the Air: A Review of Hatoful Boyfriend

SheAttack has done a few articles on Hatoful Boyfriend, but we’ve yet to do a full review! Hatoful Boyfriend is a highly popular Japanese...

Onigiri Review: A Japanese MMORPG Headed West

Onigiri, an action MMORPG developed by Cyberstep, makers of Cosmic Break and GetAmped2, was launched officially a couple of weeks ago for Western audiences. Now that...
Squids Odyssey Wii U

What About SQUIDS Odyssey?

SQUIDS Odyssey is the new buzz, a tactical RPG for mobile gamers. The game requires strategy and concentration, even in its simplicity. The objective...