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The Refreshing Gender Politics of Dark Souls

With video games, particularly RPGs, gender is a pretty important aspect of gameplay. It decides how your character will look, how certain characters may...

NBA 2K14 Dominates NBA Live 14: Is It Time To Call It Quits?

Being a gamer for several ages, I have always had a thing for sports titles - specifically football and basketball. Growing up in the 90's,...
Virtual Console

Would You Pay for a Virtual Console Streaming Service?

Recent news on PlayStation Now suggests that instead of the experimental day-to-day subscription model they set initially has now become a month-to-month, and an...

Are Quality Shooters Making a Comeback?

When it comes to FPS's (First Person Shooters), a popular opinion is that the quantity seems to be outweighing the quality these days. It...
H1Z1 PS4

Help Sony Develop H1Z1 From Your Chair

You sit there, right there in that very same spot. Perhaps it is the fact that this chair has become such a constant, homeostatic...

16 Most Played Video Games From My Childhood

In honor of retro month, I decided to take a look back into my 90’s childhood as a gamer. Growing up in the 90’s...

Nintendo Selects Games Mean NX is Approaching?

Update: Luckily for us, Nintendo Select games have indeed been announced. We'll be getting the following in North America on March 11th. The news broke...

Terraria vs. Minecraft

I remember when Terraria was still a fresh concept in the minds of the creator, Re-Logic; it was most commonly refered to as the...
hostile gamers

Hostile Gamers and the Reality of Making Games

When business people refer to the gaming market as 'hostile' they aren't just talking about the competition. Consumers themselves make it a hostile market...
Mighty No.9 Cover

Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter Shows Capcom That Fans Still Care About Mega Man

Keiji Inafune says goodbye to Capcom, starts his own studio and Kickstarts Mighty No. 9 reaching goals other independent studios only dream about.