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hostile gamers

Hostile Gamers and the Reality of Making Games

When business people refer to the gaming market as 'hostile' they aren't just talking about the competition. Consumers themselves make it a hostile market...

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Episode 3 (Review)

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier episode 3 was released on March 28th. Spoiler Alert: This article will cover the events of episode 3 as...
Roleplaying & RPGs

Roleplaying and Racism: The Game

This post contains spoilers. If you haven’t played any of the Dragon Age games, please turn back now (also, play them, they’re quite fun). TRIGGER...
Double Dragon IV

Is Double Dragon IV Worth the Nostalgia Trip?

A few days ago, a friend of mine tweeted me the announcement of Double Dragon IV. I was elated to get my hands on...

Dungeon Souls PC [Review]

Dungeon Souls is a game developed by Lamina Studios that came out officially this year, after being in early access. As the name suggests,...
Nintendo Switch UI

Nintendo Switch Questions That Need Answers

Now that the excitement (or upset) of the Nintendo Switch Presentation is over, I want to go over a few bullet points of my...
Nintendo's Online Service

Nintendo Switch: A Real Conversation about Nintendo’s Online Service

Being perfectly honest, I'm very happy with many of the games that I saw at Thursday's Nintendo Switch Presentation. ARMS, a new IP that may...
ARMS Nintendo Switch

Up in ARMS About Nintendo’s Newest Fighter

At the Nintendo Switch Presentation, Nintendo announced it's newest IP, ARMS, a 3D fighting game where you aim your character's extendable arms to knock out...
Nintendo Switch Presentation

Nintendo Switch Presentation (Moment of Truth) | E-I-C Speaks LIVE Tonight!

Join Nia Pierce, Founder/Editor-in-Chief and host of E-I-C Speaks, react live to the Nintendo Switch Presentation that will be airing tonight at 8PM PT/10PM...

3 Reasons Why Indie Games are Popular

Indie games are on the rise, but why? What makes indie games so special compared to games worked on by hundreds of people? To...