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Red Dead Redemption 2 Gets A Reveal Trailer

Rockstar Games has been teasing us the past few days, releasing pictures and information bit by bit about Red Dead Redemption 2. Suspense had been...

Clockwork Gets An October Release Date For PC

Gamesoft's debut title Clockwork is finally coming to PC next month! It will be available on the Steam Store worldwide on October 10, 2016 with the Mac OS...
Pokemon Go Deaths

Pokemon Go Loses Steam Amidst App-Related Deaths

Since July 6 2016, Pokemon Go has motivated 21 million people to catch 'em all, but are the latest scandals involving the app causing the...

Boss-Fight Game Furi Leaves A Lasting Impression

What I love most about gaming is when a game comes out and it's so much of what I wanted - and I just...

The Sims 4 Update Rebels Against Gender Rules

Disclaimer: May contain words pertaining to a community some may not be familiar with. Don't worry! Links have been included within the article. The...
Breath of the Wild

Everything We Know About The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

This week has been very exciting if you love The Legend of Zelda. Here's the thing though - everything that we've known about The Legend...
Best of E3 sale

PlayStation Store Blow-Out: Best of E3 Sale

PlayStation decided to give fans and consumers a huge blow out sale in the PlayStation store based on the best of E3 2016. From...

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands Takes Open World To Another Level

It seems Ubisoft is bringing another heavy hitter from the vault of fantastic games they have for 2017. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands was...

Madden 17: EA Play Breakdown – E3 2016

EA kicked off 2016’s E3 week with its new EA Play event and sports games played a major part of the conference. Madden and...
Score Rush Extended Out Now on PS4!

Score Rush Extended: Old School Fun Out Now On PS4

#1 Japan shmup Score Rush Extended is the latest entry from Xona Games' Score Rush series of fast-paced shooters and is now available on the Playstation Store in NA! Here...