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This category pertains to anything happening in the video game and nerd culture communities either online or in real life.


Five Awesome Self-Made Game Reviewers

There was a time when we didn't have such easy access to game reviews. We had to look at the game case and hope...
female let's players

Female Let’s Players: Who They Are & Their Role in Gaming

There are plenty of reasons that we watch Let’s Players on YouTube or Twitch. You could be stuck on a certain part of a...
The Song of Seven

The Song of Seven: Chapter 1 (PC, PS4, and Wii U) – Quick Kicks

On this edition of Quick Kicks, we'll be discussing Kickstarter campaign The Song of Seven: Chapter 1 by Enlightened Games. The Song of Seven:...
Super Cordon Bleu

Super Cordon Bleu on Kickstarter – Quick Kicks

Hello lovelies and welcome to the first ever Quick Kicks! In these biweekly piece of wonder and majesty, I will be introducing to you...

Gamers Rally to Save a Life From Chronic Kidney Disease

For several years, or rather since the popularity of internet forums and social media, there has been a thick underlining of animosity within the video...

Fictional Beaus: The Key to Valentine’s Day Bliss

It’s that time again folks; Valentine’s Day. Prepare to find yourself caught in a colorful assault of stuffed bears and endless boxes of chocolate....

Game of War and the $40 Million: A Tale of Tragedy

The gaming industry today is certainly not lacking in terrible advertisements. Whether these publicizing money-makers are accused of targeting certain groups or beliefs or...

What I’m Looking Forward to at the Playstation Experience

In case you didn't already know, Sony is hosting a community event called The Playstation Experience next month in Las Vegas, NV. The event...

Simple Halloween Costumes for the Average Video Gamer

Halloween is just around the corner so here are some simple costumes any gamer can pull off. Ace Attorney - Pheonix Wright Easy to throw together...

AbleGamers to Host Mario Kart 8 Event for Disabled Gamers

Quality of Life Coming to Fruition AbleGamers and Play to Give Back will be taking the gaming experience to those who may not otherwise have...